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Paris is our classroom, the world is our future.

Nos Ecoles

EIB - The Victor Hugo School
International School

Parcours culturel

Just as is done in other EIB schools, the Victor Hugo School provides for numerous extracurricular activities. An orientation and integration trip is organized each year to  a new destination, with a variety of activities selected according to students’ age. Not only do these allow the children to discover various French  regions and to broaden their knowledge of French culture, but they also strengthen relationships among themselves and with their educational team.

Our musical activities also increase their taste for learning and for developing a sense of community spirit. Students are given a chance to discover a musical instrument or to participate in our choir, which meets on a weekly basis.

Exciting sports activities are also offered, whether they be individual sports, to foster a healthy competitive spirit between students and encourage them to go beyond their limits, or collective sports, for students to become better team players and build strong ties within their team.

As is the case with the other schools, special attention is paid to English-language productions.     
More generally, EIB The Victor Hugo School’s educational philosophy is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning though the promotion of multicultural interaction, international understanding and diversity awareness.

Grounded on strong academic standards and the promotion of independence of thought, the Victor Hugo School’s ethos is to encourage students to take initiatives and to become individually responsible for their own academic progress.