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Educational project and results


Wednesday English Workshops

With 60 years of experience in multicultural education, EIB Paris offers weekly English language courses to students aged 3 - 10, even if they are not enrolled in one of our schools. Using our recognized methods and expertise, ENGLISH TIME is organized as workshops, proposing a variety of activities in English such as games, songs, small theatre scenes, arts-and-crafts and storytelling. Regardless of their native language, participants are encouraged to learn and explore the English language by using a rich and precise vocabulary as well as correct grammatical structures.

English Time is organised in 2 of our schools:

EIB Monceau – 6, avenue Van Dyck – 75008 Paris
EIB The Victor Hugo School – 23, rue de Cronstadt – 75015 Paris

The program is held every Wednesday afternoon on a weekly basis, except for school holidays. Groups are taught by our native-speaker teachers and organized according to the age and the level of the students. Children of all English levels from beginner to advanced are welcome to participate.

6, avenue Van Dyck – 75008 Paris
1h30min  sessions, within 2:00 and 5:30pm 
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23, rue de Cronstadt – 75015 Paris
2h30min sessions, from 2 to 4:30pm
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Should you need further information, please contact:

E-mail: fblanchard@eibparis.fr - Phone: 01 45 63 68 34

Mrs Sandrine LAPORTE
E-mail: slaporte@eibparis.fr – Phone: 01 46 22 14 24