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Paris is our classroom, the world is our future.

Educational project and results


International exchange programs

EIB Paris, a member of NACE Schools, is a universal leading international schools group bringing together 12,000 students in 21 schools across Europe, India and the United States.

Belonging to the NACE Schools group is a great opportunity for the EIB Paris. Students as well as teachers benefit from new projects and services that strengthen the international perspectives and the academic excellence of our school: school exchanges, linguistic exchanges based on new technologies, twinning of class projects, pen palling, summer camps, inter-school sport competitions, cultural and humanitarian projects, etc.


MIT Robotics: congrats to our students!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our team of HS students who have been participating since

Luc Ferry and EIB students at l'Institut de France

As part of our cycle of news conferences, Xavier Darcos, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Moral