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Paris is our classroom, the world is our future.

Educational project and results


Our results

For over 60 years, our students have achieved outstanding results, which reflect our commitment to success and academic excellence.

Thanks to our students’ excellent results, the 2014-2015 academic year at EIB was an unprecedented success.

PRIMARY SCHOOL (Monceau and Lamartine)

In 2015, 100 % of CM2 (5th Grade) students passed the Cambridge Young Learners Test (British Council).
92 % of the participants received a score of 80% or more, amongst which 23% received a perfect score (100%).

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (Collège Monceau)

As every year, the Collège’s results make it one of the best junior high schools in Paris :
- 100% pass rate at the Diplôme National du Brevet 2015.
- with 92,5% of students passing with honours (“mention”).

HIGH SCHOOL (Lycée Etoile)

1. Baccalaureate results

The Class of 2015’s results were the best ever obtained at EIB. 99% of our students passed the exam, with :
a 100% pass rate amongst students who came from the Collège EIB, all of them passing with honours.
a 100% pass rate amongst students who took the International Option.

Pass rate (all sections) : 99% 
77% honours (out of which 50 % were "mentions Très Bien" ro "Bien")

Pass rate (Literary Section) : 100%
80% honours

Pass rate (Economic Section) : 98,1%
77% honours

Pass rate (Scientific Section) : 98,5%
73% honours

2. Extra-curricular results

This year, our students participated in the Harvard Model Congress Europe in Madrid and did extremely well:
- Out of 21 participants, 12 received a prize from the jury: 2 “Honourable mentions” and 10 “Awards of Excellence”.

Our students took part for the first time in the Yale Model Government Europe in Budapest:
- The EIB delegation received the “2014 Best New Delegation” Prize.
- 4 out of 10 students who participated in the Model United Nations received an "Outstanding Delegate" prize and one of our students was voted “Best Delegate".


1. Academic results

IGSCE (Grades 9 et 10)

- Number of candidates : 62
- Number of subjects : 20
- Pass rate (grades between A+ and C) : 77%

IB Diploma (Grade 12) 
- Number of candidates : 24
- Pass rate : 92%
- Average score : 30
- Number of candidates with a superior score to 35 points : 2

A Levels (Grade 12)
- Number of candidates : 4
- Pass rate : 100%
- Average score : C

High School Diploma (Grade 12)
- Number of candidates : 28
- Pass rate : 96%

2. Extra-curricual success

This year at the Paris Spelling Bee competition, our student Riti Nalukurti (grade 4) won first place while Alec Le Helloco (grade 5) took second place. 4 other EIB students reached Finals. 


Again this year, our students, our students were admitted to some of the best universities across the world. Out of 134 French Baccalaureate students and 26 IB students, 77 have gone to study abroad.

100% of out students who applied to a foreign university received at least one offer:
- In the UK, our students went to universities such as UCL, King’s College, University of Warwick, St Andrews, etc.
- In the US: Columbia, Barnard, etc.
- In Italy: Bocconi.

In France, 10 of our students started a “classe préparatoire”, one got into Sciences Po Paris, 2 into Dauphine University, and 8 are in med school. The others started an undergraduate degree at university or in a business or engineering school.