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Paris is our classroom, the world is our future.

Educational project and results


Our results

For over 60 years, our students have achieved outstanding results, which reflect our commitment to success and academic excellence.

Thanks to our students’ excellent results, the 2015-2016 academic year at EIB was an unprecedented success.

The overall success rate this year was an outstanding 98%, with 77% of our students passing the exam with Honours. For the OIB, the success rate was 100%. The Lycée Etoile is very proud of its students' results : 

The students will now continue their academic career in the best universities in France (Classes Préparatoires, Sorbonne, etc) and worldwide.

At Victor Hugo School, for IB, the sucess rate was 100%. Our 26 candidates obtained on average 32 points, with a highest score of 41 points.