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Paris is our classroom, the world is our future.

Educational project and results


cultural program

We place great importance on our students’ personal development and open-mindedness. For this reason, we have designed a Cultural Program that runs from nurseryto High School, to help them grow and learn beyond classroom work. This Cultural Program was put into place because we are convinced that encouraging our students to be curious, creative and resourceful will serve them throughout their life.
While our Cultural Program is fully in line with our educational and academic program and is consistent throughout our students’ schooling, it goes far beyond, as demonstrated by our numerous extracurricular projects centered on culture and the arts. Indeed,  all of our schools, in accordance with their own identity and pedagogical project, have committed to the implementation of various activities with the help of their older students.
This initiative has been made possible thanks to the mobilization of all of the educational team members, the commitment of our teachers and the extensive amount of work carried out in each of our schools.
The focus of the Program has been on various aspects of culture, well aware of the wealth and diversity of our academic environment, but also on our students’ open-mindedness, in order to give them a taste for international matters. In addition, we are fully aware that it is a privilege to be situated in the heart of Paris, where culture and the arts are all around us, and we organize a variety of visits for our students to make the most of the city’s resources.
EIB considers that cultural awareness involves: 
-  discovering the arts and finding one’s own sensitivity
-  promoting knowledge and know-how
-  understanding and practice of art
-  scientific culture
-  the discovery of the major historical, artistic and cultural venues in Paris, but also in France and Europe
-  openness to foreign cultures and religions
EIB’s Cultural Program is developed according to this philosophy and is consistent with our academic program. It is designed to be progressive, continuous and coherent, from primary to high school.
Our aim is to give our students a cultural heritage and make them active and responsible citizens of the world. This cultural awareness will be a key asset during higher education and throughout their lives.